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Got a 35 mm 📷 as a Gift

Back in summer 2019, I told my sister...."you know what, if I see a film camera at a market in London, I am going to get it". The camera is in fact THE MOST special gift from London. There was a roll in it too but something happened and the roll of film (photos of London) was destroyed forever (so yay to digital, oops!) – The grad x birthday gift is from my cousin, Kak Long & sister, Tasya. My precious family *hugs* *kisses*

Back to the camera - It is the Olympus Om-30 SLR with a 50mm lens. Why do I even need a film camera? Especially when In Uni I used to find it so difficult to handle it at the start, I had the opportunity to use the 4x5 cams and the medium format camera, Bronica. They used to have the Hasselblad cameras for loan and I regretted not using it when I have the opportunity to do so. To unload the roll/sheets is pretty much the most difficult part - we used to have this pitch black room for us to unload the sheets/rolls (when I used the 4x5 & Bronica). Hated the whole process and that's why I try to avoid using it. But don't get me wrong, maybe I wasn't used to it but I love how the photographs turned out to be after developing and processing it. But shooting film is expensive. Can't afford to do it often! What I love most about film is that it helps me to slow down my shooting process. I actually want a light meter now (helps to get the exposure right, heh!).

My father told me his family have a Nikon SLR but it belongs to my uncle (he still have it tho') and a few other point and shoot cams. That explains why we have lots of photo albums at home – most of it are photos of me and my sister, Tasya. Photos are beautiful, my parents are good! We're very thankful they photographed our childhood.

A blast from the past 🚀

Also here's a picture where they got the film camera from – 📍Portobello Road Market, I can't even remember the store name! I wanted to get the Olympus Trip 35 (it'c cheaper) but he didn't have it. So he recommended the Om30. Will share photos on my next post! ✌🏼




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