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'Family by Journey'

As part of Solasta Photographic, "Post Nuclear Family" Exhibition, I showcased my work about the non-blood related families. Different groups of family portrait with me in the picture are photographed to show the people I have met during my journey pursuing my studies miles away from home. The people I met in the University, on the streets, while I am volunteering, shops and in events or social gatherings. All the individuals are like my own siblings, parents or any loved ones. Family is all about care, love, ups & downs and beautiful memories. 

Family isn't just blood related, some are made along the way and it fits in my life perfectly. 

A self portrait in a group, family by journey is special to me.  

Family by Journey | Photographer | Ili Nadhirah Mansor

Photobook (in pdf format):

Exhibition at Whitespace, Edinburgh' March 18:

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