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Photo Blog? Let's try this!

These few years, I've been struggling to put my creativity to good use. Maybe it's time to put a stop to my countless excuses – "not good enough for now" is one of them, "hopefully one day when it's right"... is another.

So let's try this... I am Ili & I take photos (and sometimes videos) for a living. This first post was supposed to be when I was doing my Undergraduate studies in Edinburgh, Scotland. Oh well, that didn't happened. I was well.....too busy enjoying (see! another excuse). You guys, Edinburgh is too beautiful not talk about (refer to picture below). Here's something you should all know – When I was applying for Uni, I applied to a few with the course I was interested in and I don't actually have anywhere in mind, my main priority was being able to do Photography. I even went to a city in Malaysia to check out one of the University (not naming it) but it just didn't vibe with me (especially my parents). I literally had a plan and it was going almost so perfectly till we visited the Uni... guess it's not meant to be.

It's a really long story on how I get to do what I want and maybe I can blog about it another time.

Back to why I finally want to start a photo blog? Because I have tooooooo many photos resting in my hard drive. I don't really want to forget about the experiences and the people. They played an important part in my life and I want to remember all of them.

Partly when Covid-19 happened (oh wait, still happening), I've missed all my family and friends overseas. Sometimes I still go through pictures just to relive the moment. Thank god for pictures! Not cool to whoever is so against people taking photos of everything and told them to stop and enjoy the moment (okay maybe sometimes you should) BUT photos kinda make you relive moments again clearly, hehe!

Till the next blog post – still thinking what I should talk about! Maybe about my 35mm camera.



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